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Beaconside C of E Primary School & Acorn Nursery

“Let your light so shine before others that they may see your good works” (Matthew 5:16)

How we teach English at Beaconside

Reading at Beaconside


We teach pupils to read using a variety of approaches and techniques but central to the approach is the Letters and Sounds Phonics programme. Letters and Sounds provides children, from a young age, with the tools they need to read and write.

  • The ability to recognise individual phonemes (letter sounds) and be able to blend them together to make words.
  • Writing graphemes and recognising them
  • Building on their phonics skills, children are taught to read in school in a variety of different ways.

Shared Reading:

Reading is modelled to the children by an adult which demonstrates to the children key reading skills. Beaconside uses a variety of high quality texts including Power of Reading (CLPE)

Reading targets and assessment focuses are included in the teaching of reading and lessons will provide children with the opportunity to work on these.

Guided Reading:

At Beaconside, Oxford Reading Tree books will be used to provide children with age appropriate and consistent texts. Children will have one guided reading session per week where they will work with an adult in a guided group and complete independent follow up tasks. This will give them the opportunity to work on fluency, comprehension and inference and deduction. Guided reading books should be more difficult for children to access than their own individual reading book, teachers will lead children in their reading and children should be able to access roughly 80% of the content independently.

Independent Reading:

All children will be listened to by adults in school. They will have their reading recorded by the adult in a reading folder consistent to each class. Reception children will be given books without words to take home - these will be linked to the Oxford Reading Tree scheme. They will then progress onto first word books once they know 75% of Phase 2 sounds. When complete, they will then progress through the reading scheme throughout the school.

From year 1 onwards children will be assessed for accuracy using the school’s chosen running record (Assertive Mentoring). This should happen once every half term to ensure that children are on the correct book banding. Books for reading at home are matched to instructional level (90-95% accuracy). When children have completed the scheme book bandings they become ‘free readers’. They can then select their own reading book either from the library, the class reading area or from home. Children should complete the ‘5 finger test’ with an adult during 1:1 reading time to ensure that the book is the correct level of difficulty.

Frequent readers: These children will be identified by English leaders and communicated to class teachers. These children will be listened to reading their reading book on a daily basis.

Writing at Beaconside

At Beaconside we put a strong emphasis on the teaching of basic writing skills and provide many opportunities to write for varied purposes across the curriculum. We believe that writing should be meaningful and related to real-life contexts, in order to motivate and engage our pupils.
Children will understand from an early age that their writing will be read by other people, and so their writing should be accurate, legible and set out appropriately and neatly.

All classrooms should have written work produced by the children on display. Any work displayed should celebrate time and effort put in by children, high levels of skill or good presentation. Displays should also highlight good examples of adult handwriting which is joined.

Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling at Beaconside