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What is Bullying?

Bullying is PURPOSEFULLY hurting someone.  It is REPEATED, which means that it happens again and again.  It can be physical, verbal, indirect or cyber, so it hurts the victim in different ways.

Physical bullying can mean shoving and pushing or even more seriously hitting and kicking someone.  This kind of contact can leave bruises and other people may see it happening.

Verbal bullying means calling someone names, saying nasty things to them or even threatening another person. This is more likely to be done secretly and there are no visible marks.  It does hurt people’s feelings though and can be very harmful.

Indirect bullying is when people are purposefully left out of games or groups, which hurts their feelings. It can be gossiping and talking about people behind their back. It is also when an individual stands back, watches and allows someone else to be bullied.

Cyber bullying is bullying that occurs using technology.  It can mean that you are receiving nasty or inappropriate emails or text messages; you are receiving prank phone calls or someone is making nasty comments on social media.

Bullying occurs:


You may not be the one doing the bullying, but if you know it is happening to someone, you should do something to help.

  • Tell a trusted adult, either at home or in school if you have a problem or if you know that someone else is suffering.  In school, any member of staff will do their utmost to help you if you are a victim to any form of bullying.
  • Tell one of our anti-bullying champions who will be able to give you more advise (they are the experts in school) and help you or another individual.

In order to put a stop to bullying, we need to embrace our differences.  We must respect one another for our different qualities and opinions.  We are all unique and we should celebrate our diversity.

Our Anti-Bullying Champions, below, are here to help parents, carers and children to end bullying in our school. Please contact them through the school office on admin@beaconside.cumbria.sch.uk or phone the office on 01768840868.

Also, please see our Anti-Bullying Policy below to see how we work together to ensure all of our children are safe.

Behaviour and Anti-Bullying Policy

These policies should be read in conjunction with each other

Whole School Behaviour Policy June 2023

Anti-bullying Policy Nov 22