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Learning to live, Learning to shine.

Beaconside C of E Primary School & Acorn Nursery

“Let your light so shine before others that they may see your good works” (Matthew 5:16)

Growth Mindset


At Beaconside we aim for the children to become successful learners for life by developing a ‘growth mindset’. This may be a concept you have not heard of before but it’s really very simple. We encourage the children to develop a love of learning, to enjoy working hard, be proud of what they achieve and not be afraid to make mistakes!


Below are eight key skills which help you become a successful learner. These skills cannot be taught quickly or all at once, choose one and work through the list of ways to acquire that skill.



Manage distractions

Get lost in the task

Do one thing at a time

Break things down

Plan and think it through

Draw diagrams, jot down thoughts or things which help you think

Keep improving


Keep reviewing your work

Identify your best bits

Improve one thing first

Try to be better than last time

Don’t compare yourself to others, only yourself!

Take small steps


Be co-operative


Listen to others

Say when you don’t understand

Be kind when you disagree

Explain things to help others

Be tolerant



Don’t give up

Work hard

Practise lots

Keep going

Try new strategies

Ask for help

Start again

Take a brain break

Have a go

Don’t worry if it goes wrong

Learn from mistakes

Be excited to try new things







Use your imagination


Be creative

Let your imagination go

Think up new ideas and questions


Be curious


Ask questions

Notice things

Look for patterns and connections

Think of possible reasons


Ask ‘What if..?’


Enjoy learning


Feel proud of all your achievements

Feel your neurons connecting!

Imagine your intelligence growing by the minute!

Use what you have learnt in real life

Know you can do it if you have input and you practise


The following videos may just help you think about your own mindset and ways you can alter it in order to allow your self the best possibility to grow and learn even when the challenges become tricky. 

Chapter 1: Learning about your brain

Chapter 4: The mysterious world of neurones

Chapter 2: Bouncebackability

Chapter 5: Piecing it together

Chapter 3: The power of yet..