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“Let your light so shine before others that they may see your good works” (Matthew 5:16)

Year 4 Bubble Closure 22.10.20

Purple mash/ paper learning

Three days’ worth of work will be uploaded to purple mash by the end of the day. Any children who received paper booklets in lockdown will have their booklets delivered after school today. We will also re-loan laptops out to parents who received them. If anyone requires additional resources, paper copies or laptops, please email mr_glynn@beaconside.cumbria.sch.uk and I will arrange them for you. Homework will also be included as part of this work.

School website

We have set up a tab on the school website on the main menu, under bubble closures (year 4). Here you will find all the appropriate videos, support materials and activities for the wider curriculum for children to complete during the times they would normally be in school. Any wider curriculum material will also be provided in the paper booklets.


We had planned for zoom to begin on the third day of any bubble closure. This gives us time to prepare all the materials for purple mash and the website but also create systems and links for signing up and logging on to zoom.  As there is a half term, the third day of school learning is Monday 2nd, November. Although this is the last day of bubble closure, we would still like to go ahead with zoom lessons on this day. This will help with preparation for any further closures and really help us to review our approach as a whole. We will send links to sign up tomorrow and links to register will be sent on Sunday, 1st November once sign ups have finished. This is not compulsory however, will give an opportunity to see myself, Miss Nattrass, Miss Dickinson and Miss Thornborrow again prior to returning the following day and therefore is recommended.

Purple mash, Lexia and Times table rockstars Logins

If you do not have any of these log ins please E-mail mr_glynn@beaconside.cumbria.sch.uk and we will send out as soon as we can. We will be aiming to resend all purple mash and times table rockstar log ins by tomorrow. Lexia is currently for children who have registered however, if anyone else would like a log in, please Email either myself or lexia@beaconside.cumbria.sch.uk

Reading books

Please can the children continue to read regularly (every day if possible) over this period of bubble closure. We are aiming to send books out to all children however I will be monitoring to see whether this is something manageable for our staff. If anyone however, needs books to be prioritised for them, please E-mail and we will send as soon as we can. Please don’t worry about reading records, we will not be sending these home at this time.

Further support

We understand that this is a challenging time for everyone and want to reassure that we will continue to do our best to support. If anyone would like a phone call at any stage over the next two weeks please E-mail me and I will arrange. Miss Nattrass and Miss Dickinson may ring certain children to check in however we can and will accommodate anyone who would like a phone call.

Thank you once again for your support. We will continue to update you with further guidance. If there is anything at all, please do get in touch. At times like this we will gain strength from each other and we will continue to unite and get through this together.