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“Let your light so shine before others that they may see your good works” (Matthew 5:16)

We adapted our approach to home learning to take into account the extended school closure due to the COVID 19 virus. However, after feedback from you, many of these areas are still very informative and useful to you going forwards. Therefore, we have decided to leave these here to continue to support our families and learning at home.

On this page and the Curriculum Subjects link tab there are links relating to home learning and also areas that might be of interest.


Current home learning provision

We have worked together as a school, alongside the parent link group and used feedback from parents and children to practise and design a programme that we hope provides children with an opportunity to continue to engage with the school and their learning but in a way where you can work together with them to decide how much.


This includes:

  • Purple mash-our online learning platform where children can complete planned work set by their teacher. If you are struggling logging in, please Email mr_glynn@beaconside.cumbria.sch.uk and we will get back to you as soon as he can. 
  • Support videos which are available for children to listen to and practise alongside at any time. These are available under support videos tab on this page. 
  • Interactive lessons (to start with year 2 to 6) where children can learn alongside their friends. A temporary measure during school closures. 
  • Feel good videos- take part in activities and exercise by watching well-being videos made by staff. These are available under wellbeing videos on this page. 
  • Story-telling - listening to popular children’s stories read by members of our Beaconside family. 


Further information about our home learning after Easter can be found here. Beaconside home learning letter


Interactive lessons through zoom

After a successful trial before Easter where we taught 107 different children in just over a week, we have decided to continue using interactive lessons for year groups 2-6. We understand the challenges relating to this and will work with all families including those who struggle with internet connection or devices to ensure no child is limited to the learning they can access. We have been robust in our systems and procedures and have taken into consideration potential risks and barriers to this type of learning. We will continue to seek feedback from parents and teachers in order to refine and improve this approach. One of the key reasons for offering these lessons is to give children opportunity to see their friends and teachers and learn along side them. If you are unable to make lessons, concepts are recorded on videos and placed in our support videos section for each year group. 


Underneath you can find key information about our expectations for online lessons as well as the time table for each week. 

Parent, teacher, children agreement for teaching and learning safely online. 

To book on the lessons, please click on the week you wish to book then: 

1) Choose the lessons that you would like your child to take part in.

2) Click the ‘try booking’ link, that you will receive by email each week (no later than Friday at 6pm) for your chosen lesson and complete the details to reserve your child a place. Booking will close at 6pm the night before the lesson. This link can also be find at the bottom of this page each week. 

3) Wait for an email from school on the morning of the lesson. This will contain a ‘zoom’ link. Copy and paste this link into your search engine.

4) Wait in the waiting room until the teacher delivering the lesson grants your child entry.


If you have booked your child on to a lesson and have not received the link by 9am, on the morning of the lesson, please email mr_glynn@beaconside.cumbria.sch.uk

Please note: there will be no lessons on a bank holiday. We may add additional lessons in during the week in order to accommodate children but this will be done on a needs basis.

Week beginning 14th April links for live lessons.