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Year 2014-15

Another academic year has come to a close. As staff we have thoroughly enjoyed it as have all the children. We hope you, as parents, have too. Please take a look at all the great activities your children participated in over the last academic year at the school.


Kind regards,

Mr Ivinson and Miss Payne.


Year 5 and 6 Inter Class Rounder's Competition

It was great to see all the children in the upper unit take part in this competition which was keenly fought and eventually won by Mr Brotherhood's y6 class. A great morning indeed!


U.Dance at the Theatre by the Lake, Keswick

On Friday 27th March the Year 5 and 6 children took part in the U.Dance National Festival along with other schools from across Cumbria. They choreographed a dance based on our Earth and Space topic and perfected it over the spring term. With a little help from Alison, our U.Dance artist, they produced a creative, dynamic performance which impressed all who saw it, including the large audience on Friday night.


We would like to thank the children for all of their hard work, their immaculate behaviour on the day and their dedication in U.Dance practices and performances. Also, a massive thanks to the PTA who kindly donated funds to allow us to have a fabulous day in Keswick, and the King Kong Climbing Centre for welcoming us between performances. Finally, we would like to thank the parents for their ongoing support which was greatly appreciated by all.

The Eclipse at Beaconside.

The upper unit were extremely fortunate to witness the partial eclipse on March 20th, as the clouds parted for long enough to glimpse the smiling sun. We succeeded (after a short struggle) in using our viewers to safely see this stunning event and year 5 wrote poems about the amazing experience.

Excitedly, I eagerly watched the eclipse,

As bright as a torch in your face, the radiant sun shone,

Slowly the moon covered the golden sun,

As dark as a haunted house, the sphere of fire slowly disappeared.

Sneaking out again, the sun was bright,

Smiling, the sun’s bright light happily shone down on us.


As it darkened, the birds slowly began to quieten down,

While the class charged like a herd of elephants, I followed behind,

Just as the golden sun sank behind the sweeping moon, it was over so swiftly,

As bright as a million forest fires, the sun slithered out again.

Sneakily, the giant grey ball rolls over the sun.

Calling each other, birds sing for they think it’s the dead of night.

Nevertheless, the sinister black spot sweeps the nation.

Determined, the brilliant eclipse proceeds!


Smiling, the sun shone down on us,

Frightened, the birds flew into their tree house,

As quick as a flash, we saw the moon zoom across the forever lasting sky,

Amazingly, I saw the moon dashing across the sky.

Seeing the sun disappear, the birds spread with terror,

Mysteriously, the shadows traveled across the mid-day sky of the globe,

Shifting across the globe, the moon covered the golden bright sun,

Stupidly, the clouds covered up the eclipse.


As everyone is watching the beautiful smile of the sun, birds are screeching with terror.

As bright as a light bulb, it burned your eyes out just to look at it.

Mysteriously, the shadows traveled across the midday sky of the globe,

Concerned, we all watched wondering if any darkness would come.

Sneakily, the sun sits in the blue sky,

Switching from darkness to light, the sparkling sun stampedes through the lonely clouds,

Birds tweeting, children chattering, the eclipse is smiling, it’s showing its teeth,

This is what we have been waiting for, the ECLIPSE!

Dark and eerie all around, like a ghost in a spooky house.


I slowly looked up at the sky to see the eclipse,

We saw the sky, darker as we moved to a different part,

Growing darker, the sky felt eerie,

The birds called to each other and rushed to safety.

Patiently, the red moon covered the luminous sun,

Frozen, the moon sneakily kept munching the sun,

The singing birds chirped lovingly in the trees,

Unfortunately, we didn't get a peek at a full-eclipse.


Tragically, the clouds covered the eclipse,

Dark and sinister, the moon tried to take over the sun,

Reluctantly, the clouds were washed away the wind,

Showing  the gleaming eclipse.

Gradually like a snail, the moon started covering the sun,

Looking confused and terrified, darkness approached the globe,

Amazed, I watched it all happening.

Smiling, the gloomy moon uncovered the bright golden sun,

The night-time moon proudly carried on orbiting the Earth.


Still dazzling, the sun was covered by the dark shadow of the moon,

Smiling, the sun looked down at us.

Darkness approached the globe,

As cold as ice cubes, I stood shivering.

Proudly, the moon carried on orbiting the Earth.

Amazed by all we have seen, the eclipse had happened,

The moon ate the golden sun, changing the sun to a smiley face.

Slowly, the amazing eclipse drifted away from me,

Amazed by the eclipse, I froze in shock.

Beating like a drum faster and faster, my heart pounded.

World Book Day 5th March 2015 - Costumes of favourite characters.

Class 4 went to some incredible lengths to come dressed as characters out of their favourite books. Can you guess which book their character is from and which character they have come dressed as?

Glaramara Residential 24.3.2015 - 27.3.2015

Both Mr Ivinson's and Miss Payne's class had a fantastic time during their stay at Glaramara. All the children experienced a myriad of exciting activities ranging from team building exercises right through ghyll scrambling and much more. More pictures will be added soon.

 Miss Payne and Mr Ivinson's Class visits to Penrith Museum

Both year 5 classes visited Penrith museum last week to learn more about the WW1 topic in preparation for Remembrance day. They thoroughly enjoyed their visits and learned a great deal about all the local people who were involved in the war. All of the children were highly praised for both their enthusiasm and behaviour. A big thank you must go out to Penrith museum for being incredibly accommodating.

Reward Time with Miss Payne and Mr Ivinson

Here are some examples of Art and Poetry from the curriculum reward time slots which are run on a Friday afternoon.


Year 5 One Hundred Percent Attendees

Here are our Y5 children who have managed not to miss a single day of school during the first half of the autumn term.


Year 5 Flanders' Fields Handwriting

Look at our amazing cursive handwriting!

A lot of time and effort has gone in to these pieces which are our commemoration to all the service men and women who have served our country, past and present.



Year 5 Ukulele Performance

Over the past few weeks we have been working hard to master the ukulele with Mrs Kirkpatrick during our music lessons. Many sore fingers and tired hands later, we had picked up the basic skills in strumming and playing chords to a variety of songs including "Row, Row, Row Your Boat" and "Frere-Jacques". We enjoyed showing our new talents to Mr Ivinson and Miss Payne, as well as giving our show-piece performance to the rest of the juniors during assembly.