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Beaconside C of E Primary School & Acorn Nursery

“Let your light so shine before others that they may see your good works” (Matthew 5:16)



Writing support The BFG- Video

Recommended reading list- Year 3

Spelling list - Year 3/4

Word classes

Week 4/5 Descriptive writing

Week 2 How to write a newspaper report

Week 2 Newspaper writing support

Week 2 Grammar support- verbs

Week 2 Sentence writing support

Week 2 Features of a newspaper report

Week 1 & 2 Newspaper headlines support

Support video- Subordinate clauses

Support video- Subordinating conjunctions

Support video- Using commas for clauses

Support video- Apostrophes to show possession

Support video: Apostrophes for contraction

Support video- Using apostrophes

Support video- Inverted commas for speech

Support video- Past and present tense

Support video- Pronouns