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“Let your light so shine before others that they may see your good works” (Matthew 5:16)

Our Church School Shares our year's special events and celebrations 

KS2 Christmas Service 

The Christmas service which unfolded was a truly uplifting event which allowed parents, grandparents and children to reflect on Christmases past. Added to this, it highlighted how the celebration of Christmas has evolved and changed over the last 80 years; to what it is today. The service was both thought provoking and insightful for the children at the school as well as for attending parents; the service put a smile on everyone's faces indeed. It was great to see faces light up, listening to a familiar song or two from the past and for children to learn about times past, in addition to learning about dwindling or forgotten traditions.

The readers, along with class readers, delivered their readings with confidence and great intonation. On top of this, each class produced a wonderful song from the decade allocated to them; each delivering it with great enthusiasm and zest. 

A huge thank goes out to all the staff who organised the event and worked with their classes to produce such a wonderful Christmas service.

Remembrance Day 

The whole school gathered in the main hall at 11 am for a Service of Remembrance led by the school Worship Team.

As the children entered the hall the Singing Club sang the poignant song 'Remember' with the main chorus phrases "So bow your head now, standing still in silence we will all pray, To learn and live in peace and justice on Armistice Day.", composed by Emily Barden. 

Harvest Festival- "A Hard Harvest" based around Christian Aid in Mali

All our speakers were clear, fluent and informative. Speakers from every year group were represented. Great to see our new Head Mr Page introducing his first Harvest festival at the school along with the Reverend Mandy Jones.

Above: "Growing your own, What do you need?"

This highlighted essential elements needed in creating your own food harvest. Delightfully delivered by Lower Key Stage 1 children.

Above: "Grow or no Grow"

Above is the Grow or no Grow quiz/sketch delivered by both Upper and Lower Key stages. Uplifting and entertaining whilst getting an essential message across.

Above: Christian aid In Mali

Our service lead to this informative part which highlights how harvests in different parts of the world are changing; even failing due to climate change.

Above: Whole school singing along with the singing club.

As always the children put a great deal of enthusiasm and effort in to their singing to lift the roof off St Andrew's church. Songs ranged from folk songs to contemporary hymns. The closing song "One in a million," is already a favourite of the children's as is "Across the Fields."

Our Church School : Share our year's special events and celebrations 2015-16.

Summer End Of Term Service - "The Values That Guide Us Through Life"

A wonderful service unfolded at St Andrews, which couldn't have been more apt or fitting for an end of term service; it highlighted what a jam packed school year it has been for the children of Beaconside Primary school and how "The Values That Guide Us Through Life" have helped them along way throughout this exciting school year! Some truly wonderful performances were delivered in mini plays and great singing from the children was uplifting indeed.

A huge thank you goes out to Mrs Allgood and Mrs Malyon for all the hard work and effort they have put into this end of term service and all the other services which have taken place at St Andrew's Church this academic year.

Above: The school sang a number of hymns which included: You are my Brother, Make me a Channel of Your Peace, Gospel Medley by the Infants (This Train is a Bound for Glory, Oh when the Saints and I want to Sing), Spirit of Peace and the Lord's Prayer.

Above: The Lost Son - This was the perfect play to highlight "Forgiveness"

Above: Jonah and the Whale - The perfect vehicle for highlighting "Honesty"

Above: Daniel and the Lion's Den - A great way to highlight "Faith"

Above: Readers - Readers from every year group in Upper Key stage 2 delivered some wonderful narration for each play, all read with great expression and liveliness!

Above: Mrs Markey thanking staff who were leaving the school and Mr Glendinning for his 20 years of service. A few parting words from Mr Glendinning as he moves on to pastures new.

Above: The Little Big Sing Choir - The above set of children set off "Sing" by Gary Barlow and Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber to bring the proceedings to a close with the whole school joining in after the first verse; nearly lifting the roof right off of the church!


Easter Service at St Andrew's Church 

Reverend Sargent welcomed us all warmly to St. Andrew's for our Easter Service with an introduction to the colours of the Church calendar, shown in the stoles worn by the vicar, which he then draped over the Easter cross.

The children then led the service, with the theme 'We Welcome All' ,and the message of caring for and welcoming all those who have ha to flee their homes because of war and persecution. The children performed an adaptation of the story 'Something Else' by Kathryn Cave, alongside readings from the Bible telling the Easter story. The chair of governors, Mrs Markey, read a prayer for refugees.

Thursday 25th February  Collective Worship with Reverend Rachel

Today we all joined in with Reverend Rachel as she shared the story of Jonah and the Whale for her final worship time with us before she heads off to her new parish near Grange Over Sands in the South Lakes. Her message was clear and simple, God loves us all, as he showed Jonah by forgiving all the people of Nineveh. We are very sad to see her go and wish her great success in her new role as vicar of the Parish of Allithwaite.

Thursday 11th February : Collective Worship with Reverend David.

In Worship Time today Reverend David, with the help of the children, told the story of Zaccheus and Jesus. Fourteen willing volunteers played the roles of Jesus, his twelve disciples and Zaccheus, who when hidden in the crowd, unable to see Jesus, climbed a sycamore tree to get a better view. Then of course to everyone's surprise, Zaccheus, a very unpopular tax collector, was invited by Jesus to join him for a meal. After eating with Jesus, Zaccheus was a changed man and returned the money he had taken from people.

At the end of the re-telling, Reverend David spoke about Ash Wednesday and the beginning of the forty days of Lent, showing everyone how Christians can be blessed with the sign of the cross in ash on their forehead, to symbolize their commitment to changing their lives just as Zaccheus did.

National Sing Up day! - KS2 Hall - 3.2.2016

At 10.15 the whole school assembled in the main school hall for our special Sing Up Day event.

The Singing Club sang as the children all arrived and then with the help of Mrs Allgood they led the way in teaching the rest of the school the Sing Up Day song ‘One and a Million’.

And what a great atmosphere there was! Within 10 minutes everyone was singing confidently as if it were a song they had known all their lives!

 We registered our event for Sing Up Day on the interactive map on the Sing Up Website and joined in with thousands of people across the country, spreading a little singing. Our film of our event will be uploaded to the Sing Up website and to our own school website too.

 It's Official – Singing is the Ultimate Ice-Breaker

If you've been keeping an eye on the news recently, you might have noticed a surge of stories about the power of singing as a social activity. New research conducted by Oxford University's Department of Experimental Psychology tells us that singing together is a great way to build social cohesion

Our Sing Up Day song, One and a million, celebrated just that – the power of singing to bring us together.

Harvest Service - St Andrews Church - 2.10.15

The Harvest festival proved to be a superb service on Friday. It was great to hear speakers from every year group deliver their lines with great confidence and expression, as well as adding thoughtfully to the service. The singing from the school was brilliant and the children thoroughly enjoyed the event. As you can see from the photographs, smiley faces were aplenty indeed! Many thanks to Mrs Allgood and Mrs Malyon for all their hard work and effort in organising such a thought provoking, yet uplifting service. We would also like to thank Reverend Sargent for being a superb host and providing us all with the history behind the origins of the Harvest festival service.

Our Church School : Share our year's special events and celebrations.

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Mothering Sunday 2015 at St Andrews

A big thank you to those children who came to  St. Andrew's Church with their families to take part in the Mothering Sunday Service.

Our children took part in a dramatised reading of the Gospel; telling the story of when, as a boy, Jesus was 'Lost and Found' in the Temple, they led prayers alongside members of the Mother's Union, led the congregation in the sung version of the Lord's Prayer and sang their own 'Song of Blessing for Mothers and Carers'.

At the end of the service the children handed out the daffodil bunches, put together on Friday by some of the Year Six children, to everyone in Church.