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Beaconside C of E Primary School & Acorn Nursery

Learning to Live...Learning to Shine

Welcome to our school website - a school where everyone learns to live and learns to shine. We are proud of our school and our Christian values. Faith Compassion Courage Hope Joy

Year 1 Phonics


Phase 3 Sound Mat

Alternate ee

alternate oa

oi / oy

phase 3 tricky words

phase 4 high frequency words

Yr1 Common exception words

Phase 4 Initial blends

100 High Frequency words

Phase 4 Sound Mat

alternate ai

alternate ir

Alternate igh

phase 3 high frequency words

phase 5 tricky words

Phonics screening game

Phase 4 final blends

All Sound mat

Phase 5 Sound Mat

ar diagraph

oo / oo (u)


phase 4 tricky words

or digraph

Phase 4 blends (ch / sh / th / ng)

Phase 4 blends (sw / sl / sc / sk / st / sm / sn / sp)

Phase 4 blends (mp / nd / nk)

phase 5 high frequency words