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Beaconside C of E Primary School & Acorn Nursery

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Welcome to our school website - a school where everyone learns to live and learns to shine. We are proud of our school and our values. Belong & Believe Honesty & Respect Empathy & Integrity Collaboration & Perseverance Enthusiasm & Achievement

Reviews and comments

"Fantastic doesn't come close to how fabulous this was tonight! Well done everyone!! So professional!!"

It would be fair to say, from your response, that the show has been a huge success. Here are just some of the wonderful comments/reviews we have received. If you have not done so yet, please fill in and hand in a questionnaire with your comments to the office. Also, please review the performance on our facebook site. Beaconside presents the Lion King. Enjoy reading and see the goosebumps come back!

"What an amazing show! Well done to all involved - polished & professional performance. Great crew, costumes, singing & acting, you should be very proud. Thank you to all the teachers, assistants & helpers for all your time & hard work & for enabling the children (& us) to have an unforgettable opportunity & experience. Thank you"

Parent of Y4 and Y6 Children.

"Wow! What a performance. Every single person involved in putting this show together should be extremely proud of themselves, and the children....well you are all SUPERSTARS! Well done Beaconside"

Parent of Y1 and Y6 Children.

"WOW!!! Absolutely fantastic!!! Well done everyone Feeling blessed to have such a fantastic bunch of people who can inspire and guide our children. Thank you all"

Parent of Reception and Y4 children.

"Amazing from start to finish. Fantastic acting, singing, dancing and support from the crew. Everyone should be very proud of themselves and each other. Incredible effort and commitment from the teachers and kids alike. Very well done Beaconside."

Parent of Y4 and Y6 Children.

"This was the most amazing performance, utterly professional in every way!"

Parent of a y5 child.

"WOWEE the whole thing was amazing. I helped out a little and John from The Upfront Gallery is fantastic, where he gets his ideas from I do not know but to be able to turn crisp boxes into those masks is magic.
The children have had such an great opportunity and have grown in confidence and really shone, sometimes they maybe don't shine in the class room or the football pitch as much but they certainly shone on stage.
Finally, how lovely to see so many members of staff past and present supporting and enjoying The Lion King, I actually feel sad for those who didn't come as they missed something spectacular"

Parent of year 1 and year 4 children

Other reviews.

"Brilliant performance tonight big well done to everyone involved."

"An absolutely amazing performance tonight. Thoroughly enjoyed by us all. Well done to you all!"

"What an amazing performance, all the cast, choir, crew and dancers should be soooo proud of themselves and all their hard work! And s big high 5 and well done to all the teachers, teaching assistants, staff, and parents for putting in so much time and effort to make it possible. Wonderful!! X "