Sports Premium

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Sport premium 2015-16

This autumn we expect to receive further funding on 31st October to extend our 2014-15 provision further.

we have planned to continue with..

  1. Membership of Eden Valley School Sports Partnership est £ 3459  including peripatetic coaching and support over the year and access to "minor" sports and competitions.
  2. "54 degrees" professional school sports coaching  est £10,000
  3. Penrith and District Football and Netball Leagues and Competitions  £360
  4. Extending after school clubs further   no cost
  5. Seeking professional coaching for staff in school  through Eden Valley Sports Partnership 
  6. Developing provision for gymnastics further with crash mats and new benches and floor mats 

detailed costings and plans will be published as soon as we have confirmation of grant award.

 Sport Premium 2014-15 (PE AND SPORT GRANT) – New Funding of £9655 over the year to August 2015.

At Beaconside we believe Physical Education to be an important part of our children’s education.

The extra funding offered through this Sport Premium helps to support the current budgets already allocated by school and allows extended and new provision. Below are some of the additional areas where the new funding is being directed.

  1. Buying into Eden Valley School Sports Partnership and the extended range of sports opportunities £3,183
  2. Procuring external specialist sports coaching to further enhance curriculum provision. £9,975
  3. Subsidising transport for additional swimming provision for Year 3 to 6 children at Penrith Leisure Centre £500
  4. Participation within Penrith and District School Sports Association competitions (No Cost)
  5. The provision of a broad range of After School Clubs ( No Cost)
  6. Providing cover staff to release teachers for professional development in PE and Sport. (£2,600)
  7. Purchasing specialist equipment and teaching resources to allow school to sustain and offer increased breadth and quality in Sports provision. ( £3,200)

In total we are spending £19,458 on Sport and PE at the school this year. The various elements all contribute to our sports legacy at Beaconside, preparing children for success in their next phases of education and offering opportunities that encourage active participation in sports throughout their life. 




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