Our School Ethos & Christian Values

Learning to live...Learning to Shine


Promoting British Values and Safeguarding children  Click here to read how we promote and share values core to our society, helping children to grow safely in our open democratic society.

We also have many general aims for our school that encapsulate our aims for the children as holistic learners and members of a caring Christian school community.

 Aims for our Children

To enjoy all aspects of school life.
To form positive relationships based on our Christian values of tolerance, care and respect.
To develop creative, enquiring minds and the confidence to ask and answer questions.
To take responsibility for their own actions.
To have a clear understanding of right and wrong.
To develop a sense of appreciation and respect for others, regardless of background, gender, race or faith.
To develop positive self esteem, emotional well-being and a spirit of co-operation.

Aims for our curriculum

For it to be broad, balanced and stimulating and relevant to individual needs and abilities.
To provide a secure and progressively challenging learning environment.
To develop high expectations of teaching and learning.

Aims for our school community

To be welcoming and supportive.
To encourage life long learning for all those associated with our school.
To help each child experience success and personal achievement.
To encourage parents to support their children’s learning.
For children to develop a sense of place within the wider community.
To maintain good working relationships between staff, governors, parents, children and our community.

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